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Airplant/Tillandsia butzii is just an amazing looking plant. It has wonderful, whimsical shape, the leaves are spotted and it has beautiful carmine colored inflorescence. It likes more humid, cool conditions. Don’t let water collect inside the base or it may rot.

Airplant/Tillandsia butzii


Medium Clump, Small

3 reviews for Butzii

  1. Trey Koehle (verified owner)

    A very nice size plant. Twice the size of the one I have been growing for a year now. I am excited to make some crosses when it blooms.

  2. epalomi3 (verified owner)

    Get the clump! Kidding, get whatever you really want! Super awesome plant, and I’m really pleased with the clump I ordered. My first Butzii rotted on me (my fault — had it in my pinguicula enclosure (not enough air circulation)), but that was a single and it had 2 pups growing already (I had it for half a year), so my assumption is that these pup/clump fairly quickly. Anyway, I have a very healthy Butzii clump now! Yay!

  3. Vicki Wilson (verified owner)

    Cute plant. I selected it because, to me, it looks like a cousin of the Bulbosa Gigante. I love the plants that reach out to the sides.

    Size is excellent and my order came carefully wrapped with happy, healthy plants inside.

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