Epiphyte’s Delight Fertilizer

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Epiphyte’s Delight fertilizer was developed for a special reason. The nitrogen content promotes foliar growth. If you have Tillandsias, Orchids, or other epiphytes and you feed them, take a look at the nitrogen component. If it’s high in urea, the plants can’t use it because the urea needs a bacteria in soil to break it down into ammonia and nitrate nitrogen. Since the epiphytes don’t have any soil they can’t break down the urea. It was for this reason that we had Epiphyte’s Delight formulated. It contains only ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen which is immediately accessible and usable by the plants.


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Epiphyte’s Delight Fertilizer

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3 reviews for Epiphyte’s Delight Fertilizer

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Have used this for fertilizer for years. Works great !
    Now living in Southern Arizona from Southern California so with the very low humidity you need add more attention to the plants.
    Can’t find the fertilizer here in Arizona so I had to pay the hefty shipping cost.

  2. Trey Koehle (verified owner)

    I am excited to start using this fertilizer for my tillandsias and staghorns.

  3. David Buffington (verified owner)

    Bromeliads and Orchids seem to love it. However, it cakes too easily on the shelf after opening the lid.

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