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Tillandsia mellemontii is a soft, thin-leaved clumping species that produces lovely blue flowers that are lightly and sweetly scented. With good air and medium light it is a fast grower that rewards its owner with frequent bouquets of flowers.



Large Clump, Medium Clump

2 reviews for mallemontii

  1. Trey Koehle (verified owner)

    A larger clump than I expected. Better yet it had a few ionantha type seedling volunteers in the middle. I can’t wait to smell the blooms, so happy.

  2. Kijung (verified owner)

    I like Tillandsia melmontii because it is soft and has thin leaves.
    I highly recommend this plant. And I think I did a really good job purchasing this plant.
    Rainforest Flora has the best plants among all the shopping malls I know. Also kind.

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