Spanish Moss El Normal


Tillandsia usneoides (oos-nay-oh-EE-dess) is the most widely dispersed species of Tillandsia, growing from southern Virginia to Argentina and Chile. It makes a wonderful addition to any yard that doesn’t freeze hard. The trick with this one is to water it frequently when it is hot/dry. Make sure it gets air movement. People often ask if it hurts the tree its in. The qualified answer is no. Unless it very heavily grows in a tree, covering the leaves to a great degree, it is just an attractive addition that adds depth and interest. We have several forms of Spanish Moss available.
There is the normal form that is found in the Southern U.S., a graceful, thin form I found in Paraguay years ago called El Finito, a thick form called El Gordito, and a recent, special form that is thick with the leaves closer together (less stem between the leaves) than El Gordito and it is called El Mejor. These last four are available in our Cultivar section.

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Tillandsia usneoides El Normal


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