tenuifolia Silver Comb

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Air plant Tillandsia tenuifolia Silver Comb is shorter with slightly thicker, more succulent leaves than Tilandsia tenufolia ‘Bonsal Beauty’. They both grow a very long stem (caulescence).

Air plant Tillandsia tenuifolia Silver Comb


Medium, Small

1 review for tenuifolia Silver Comb

  1. epalomi3 (verified owner)

    I got this one because I really love how it reminds me of a dragon. On that note, it also reminded me of another plant over in the succulent world named Ceropegia Simoneae. Both of these plants really look like miniature dragons to me, and I just think they’re so neat because of that! Next on my list is Tenuifolia Amethyst so I can have a “black dragon”. Lol! Anyway, super healthy & awesome addition to my collection (all supplied by you all here at Rainforest Flora btw!).

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